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E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning Kit

E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning Kit

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Color Scrubbing & Polishing Set - 1 Pack
Brand E-Cloth
Towel form type Cleaning Cloth
Material Microfiber
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About this item

  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Effective — The E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning Kit effortlessly keeps your kitchen looking like new. Use the Kitchen Cleaning Cloth to wipe away greasy splatters, crumbs, and over 99% bacteria from countertops, appliances, stainless, and more, adding only water. Follow with the Glass & Polishing Cloth for gleaming, fingerprint-free surfaces
  • Easy — With microfiber that's approriate for all surfaces, you can clean and shine from sink to stove with ease. Stubborn spills don't require extra tools, thanks to the handy sewn-in scrubbing pocket. And because water alone activates our cloths, you can focus on cleaning, not spraying
  • Environmental — Like us, you may not want additional cleaners in your food — or anywhere near it. Keep a squeaky-clean prep space with masses of precision-engineered microfiber, activated by water's cleaning might
  • Eco-savvy — With made-to-last quality backed by our 1-year or 100-wash promise, you may never put paper towels or additional cleaners in your shopping cart again
  • E-Cloth + Water — Try our recipe for a clean kitchen: Dampen. Wipe. Repeat. Follow with the Glass & Polishing Cloth anywhere you want a sparkling shine. So easy!


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